For the Love of Dumplings

imageDumplings are a favorite food of people all over the world.  Chances are, they’re one of your favorites as well.  Most people don’t realize how important food is to a foreign culture.  It’s one of the things that identifies a group of people.  No food is more uniquely different around the world than the dumpling.  It doesn’t matter if you’re eating a dumpling in Russia or in an Asian country.  It’s going to be different and the people there will be fiercely proud of their dumplings.  Here we’re going to take your taste buds on a journey that will go around the globe.


Dumplings are called pelmeni in Russian.  They can be made with a wide variety of meats, cheese, potatoes, or even fruit.  Dumplings  are commonly bought frozen at the grocery store.  

Don’t be surprised if you see even the smallest supermarket in Russia with a large selection of pelmeni.  It’s thought of as a quick and convenient meal that can be made fast.  They’re often served with a dollop of sour cream or a sauce similar to salsa.  The sauce can contain tomato, garlic, and horseradish.  It’s a sauce that can vary from cook to cook.  The one thing that is for certain is, it’ll waken up your sinuses.  You won’t be clogged up after eating this sauce on your pelmeni.  Butter can also be used as a sauce when eating pelmeni.


Chinese dumplings are similar in texture, but the fillings can be vastly different.  They can have everything from roast pork to seafood inside them.  Pot stickers and jiaozi are two types of Chinese dumplings.  It’s quite common to dip Chinese dumplings in sauce.  It’s also common for dumplings to be steamed and not boiled.  This changes the texture a little and gives them a bit more firmness.  Many people are familiar with these dumplings because of their visits to the local Chinese restaurant.  It should be noted that the variety of dumplings far exceeds what the typical American Chinese restaurant offers.  It’s for this reason that you should try as many as possible.  It’ll be a taste adventure that you’ll never forget.


What’s the best way to eat dumplings?  That would be with people you love.  Food is always better when it’s shared with loved ones.  Get yourself some dumplings and call up a few people who you care about and invite them over for supper.  This is exactly what good food is all about.  A meal tastes so much better when you’re talking to someone who fills your heart full of joy.  They’ll come to your house a lot faster if they know you’re cooking dumplings.  It’s simply the one food that no one can turn down.


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